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Film makers/ScreenWriters will you lend me an ear?

Posted by JeanMarie Zubia on September 13, 2011 at 9:25 PM

Hi Everyone! Well I wanted to share some news in regards to my film project "Dolphin Skin" - which can be viewed at :

Seems that there's a Warner Brothers Film out called "A Dolphin Tale" I have two differing opinions from two screen writer friends on how this Warner Brothers movie will affect my chances of getting production support for my script - "Dolphin Skin" Here is the pro and con argument.

What say you of film savvy background (or just chime in)?


CON says:  Sorry


The stories aren't "close"  but they are close enough in pure concept that if someone looked at your script they'd say, "Oh, a 3D dolphin movie? We've seen that."


On to the next script.


PRO Says:


If I'm right about your script being substantially different, and Dolphin Tale does well, then this could work in your favor, because you can say yours is like Dolphin Tale but... (insert clever description of what makes yours unique).

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