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Banks are not evil, people are

Posted by Yissar Lior Israeli on September 7, 2011 at 4:20 AM

There is a long ongoing discussion about the financial systems which gained even more momentum following the recent financial crisis (AKA credit crunch).

Many voices are being heard, almost all throwing terms and slogans arguing their perspective to be the ultimate one, fast to show the errors of other perspectives.

Socialism, Capitalism (neo-liberal or other), free market, taxes, risk, leveraging, hedging are just a tip of the iceberg.

Many of the arguments are directed at the system (x or y), the Banks, the government, the corporate, even certain technologies are to be blame.

I observe all these arguments with sheer amazement.


Since the beginning of humanity it was all about the human nature and never the tools.

Once human created a club to hunt a mammoth, the same club was used to hit a neighbour or a potential mate.

In my view not much has changed since then.

We have much more complex and effective tools which allows for much greater effect (positive or negative).

Capitalism and socialism are not bad ideologies, nor the Banks evil,

it is human nature that drives people to be irresponsible, take un-necessary risks, value money above well being and in general behaving in a manner that is beyond and ethical standard of being.

As long as people will not take responsibility and will not hold themselves to a higher code of conduct, problems and crises will follow.


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