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How can we start new projects as SENVI collective

Posted by Vic Jasin on July 12, 2011 at 7:59 AM

As you may have noticed the site has been getting slower. I have been using Word for my posts everywhere as have others. Well anywhere it has be pasted (word code) that app or page will slow down.

Until we find a solution please only paste from notepad. Use your processor to compose and spellcheck but paste the spell checked document into notedpad then copy the contents in notepad into whatever you need to put text into on the site. Nothing should have input direct from word processor other than Microsoft NOTEPAD or other simple processors (saving in txt format from Word and other processors still leaves code that interferes with site function.

I suggest the speed will be up by tomorrow first thing, at the latest. Bear with us, the site is designed to run MUCH faster.


Vic Jasin

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