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We can fix economic and financial problems now

Posted by Vic Jasin on July 12, 2011 at 7:57 AM

Debt relief and new spending two key areas to consider manipulating.


None of this is a formal theory or formula and as such each element can be changed or eliminated as needed. The following is a suggested starting point for discussion with the idea that what is proposed is within the realm of not only possibility but probability of happening. Take each on its own to discuss this as the entire issue is too broad to cover in a thread on Facebook. This will be a part of SENVI forum information. We will be discussing these issues there and will be making some serious suggestions and making sure those who can do something with it, get it and/or join our community.


That’s nuts can be your first response but after you ponder it and are ready to ask questions, please do. Answering questions will result in revisions that make sense. Consider both sides of opposing ideas and arguments and then come up with a third choice that considers the other two but is not simply the sum of the other two. Synergy from synthesis, by accommodating contradiction and scepticism. That is the goal of this note as well as to stimulate reaction and hopefully subsequent action of a positive and progressive nature.


Consider this:


Elimination of all interest related debt. Principal only. Profit in lending is eliminated. All debt that exists that has an interest component should be adjusted.


Spending is essential. Public spending on infrastructure at local and regional levels.


Spending on innovation, education, infrastructure and financial equalisation for the unemployed.


Estate divestiture plans where as the owner of capital whether it be in estate form or personal or corporate investment form will not automatically be passed on to designated beneficiaries, but rather to the collective ownership of the region or community.


Where the money comes from for public spending is not simply from taxation but also from injecting more cash into the system (The Fed). International values of currencies should be fixed no market manipulation on the basis of currency demands for trade.


Immediate change toward sustainability, quality, and responsibility in resource management. Profit is not in the formula for assessing priority and need.


Encourage those to find automation to replace themselves. Incentive in that is you get similar or equal pay as before during your life time as a reward for replacing yourself.


Innovation becomes the priority after balancing of basic conditions related to food, health and housing. If you need something to make a discovery and it’s available and it will help humanity then why is money getting in the way? Because our society has made rules that allow for that to happen not because it wouldn’t work any other way.


Price and wage controls would be in place to compensate for cost of living increases (a.k.a. inflation). With controls on both prices and wages we can prevent any possible runaway inflation. Canada has already used price and wage controls as have other countries.


As the need to redistribute income to the technologically unemployed growing numbers approaches the point where managing and maintaining such a mechanism creates more work and complexity, it becomes an ever increasing beuaracracy whose entire purpose is managing the redistribution of currency. Absurd. Those who remain employed can do so voluntarily and have other volunteers substitute for them if needed. That condition is closer to the 2050 time period in my humble opinion. All other related conditions approaching "zero money needed" condition will happen gradually in various ways before then.


There will no doubt be fallout from such drastic measures. Some of these ideas exist within the Zeitgeist movement, The Venus Project, Transfinancial Economics and Resource based economics. If you think this is utopian, pick a POINT and explain why and we can discuss it. This is a serious discussion. Those who want to mock or ridicule will be deleted. No apologies for “editing” civility. It’s called moderation and it is part of how SENVI works.


I hope this starts a discussion or an argument or something, because complacency would be the scariest part. Not because I wrote it and want a response, because the issue is more than you or I or any one personality. This is a social issue affecting us all. SENVI is invitation only. If you know a member ask them about it and get them to invite you. SENVI is a private closed community of innovators and benevolent and responsible activists and those who support them. If you have something to offer the community please let us know about it. It is an action community not a social network and is not open to the public.


Start your own SENVI and or group. offers free web sites. Anyone can organise positive action or better yet, join others when possible as collaboration will be our salvation in all this turmoil.


Vic Jasin

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